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Alfie - Collie X - 7 months (Deaf)

I was asked if I would be interested in training a 7 month old deaf dog.  I love a challenge and couldn't wait to get started.  My first visit to his home was to address how to get Alfie to focus around the home and to stop giving his owners the run around.

We established Alfie is totally deaf and we spoke about how to use a long line to enforce commands and to use rewards for focusing and checking in on his owners more frequently.  John and the family increased Alfies walks and started social agility at my field. 

At first agility was hilarious all Alfie wanted to do was run and play with other dogs and not come back.  There is no point calling a deaf dog! Our dancing and waving of arms just made us look mad to the rest of the group and I am sure no one else had the faith I had in Alfies ability to learn and respond.

Little by little using a guideline, Alfie would complete the agility course laid out and every now and again we would let him off and maybe get him to complete 1 or 2 jumps before he gave us the run around.


Jump to 5 months later and to everyone's amazement Alfie progressed to completing  his first 20 obstacle agility course, off lead, following his owners hand signals and although he couldn’t hear it he could see everyone cheering at how far he has come.  He continues to build good focus skills and loves meeting his doggy friends at his weekly class and is now off lead on all his walks with his owners.




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