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Barney - Labrador 6 months old

A day with Barney before Sara

6am - Wake up-a chunk of wall missing, Barney jumping up to greet me eyeball to eyeball.
7am - Barney came in from the garden, trailed mud through the house chewing a snail.
8am - Out walking, Barney met another dog and played tug of war with it's ear.
10am - Postman knocks, rugby tackle Barney to the door, stick an arm out to receive mail.
12pm - Barney refusing to come out from behind the shed – eating another snail.
1pm - Hanging the washing out but Barney started charging and chasing me, retreated inside.
2pm - Second walk of the day – quick walk around the block - all calm, met no dogs.
3pm - Friend ‘called in’ and promptly left after Barney spent the time jumping on her.
5pm - Son popped around with his girlfriend, Barney ate her shoe!
6pm - Barney won’t come in from the garden, on a snail trail.
7pm - Last walk of the day, Barney met a few dogs – no one was impressed
8pm - Barney settled, went for a bath…24 sausage rolls disappeared from the kitchen!
9pm - Barney running like a lunatic around the living room, have to hold his collar to stop him.
10pm - Barney chewing my arm, my dressing gown, I am going to bed for a rest!!

I was well aware this unruly pup was growing up fast and I now had an out of control, very strong dog. 







Barney was out of control

Barney & Yogi, perfect examples for socialising other dogs

I had already attended a village hall puppy class with Barney however, after only a few sessions his behaviour seemed to get worse and not better! At around the same time I met a fellow dog walker who recommended Sara. I gave her a call and since then we have not looked back.

Once Sara established what we wanted and what Barney needed we were given a training programme to implement and follow. Barney went from strength to strength. He stopped eating snails and very quickly understood the boundaries Sara set.

Now he is 18 months old and is joining us on trips to the seaside and family camping holidays. Following Sara’s techniques means that we can take Barney into dog friendly cafés and pubs, where he now understands to lie down and stay on his towel. Sara’s Saturday training classes have taught Barney to socialise. We can now enjoy walks on Sudbury meadows with confidence, knowing that we are in control of him and he's happy to listen to us. 
Sara’s training philosophy embraces “family”. My eldest daughter has soaked up Sara’s advice and guidance so Barney has no choice but to stay on task. My youngest daughter, who happens to have Down-Syndrome, enjoys nothing better than to train Barney in the garden - following precisely the obedience training Sara promotes in her classes. I have watched as Jesse’s confidence grows and her bond with Barney deepen.

At 14 months old Barney was the perfect example of good behaviour, both indoors and out so, we got another dog! A 15 month old yellow lab called Yogi, who did not make it through training for Guide Dogs for the Blind, due to his nervous traits.  Of course, now he is training, using Sara's behaviour techniques, that have become second nature to us. He crosses the road confidently, enjoys agility and follows Barneys balanced lead. I am so very grateful to Sara for what she has done for  my family. Sara is only a text or phone call away and ready to chat at the end of sessions over any blips we have had. Words alone cannot do her justice – if you and your dog are in need of assistance I wholeheartedly recommend Sara.