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Don't Give Up


If you feel you have tried everything and failed to correct your dogs behaviour its still worth giving me a call. These owners were glad they did and have now seen their dogs make significant progress in their individual issues (which for some were leading to isolating walks, rehoming or in even euthanasia).


A working Cocker Spaniel was aggressively guarding his  bed, food, the stairs, boot of the car…  his owner contacted me to help convince his wife to keep Bertie as she had become afraid of him.  Working with the family it was Bertie's progress that convinced Jo to keep him and continue with his training at weekly social and agility classes.

“I couldn't believe the change Sara made to not just Bertie but my own leadership role and to think we nearly gave up on him.  He just adores Sara and can’t wait for his weekly cuddles with her”.



A Great Dane X, Masie was a rescue in foster with Vivien, but was far to strong for her to walk. 

“I had tried all sorts of leads and was even sold a no-pull harness to no avail, they just let her pull me harder! I couldn't wait for a permanent home to be found for Maisie  but then a family friend recommended Sara.  Following our session and the progress made I decided to keep Maisie and now have a gentle giant, loyal companion who is a joy to walk”.



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