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The Wolfies Tale


Sue is an experienced breeder of Wolfhounds,  over the years competing and winning at many shows around the country however, her vet advised her to talk to me when Martine was 10 months old as she was very  shy of people.  At her early shows Martine would react to the judges trying to avoid them and ultimately avoiding being placed.

From the very start everyone loved having Martine attending the classes at Lead the Way, it's not often you see the wolfhound breed.  I started to judge Martine on a weekly basis, approaching her from all sides, progressing to using props…. with a hat on, coat etc. 

When she was comfortable with that we progressed to others in the group, male and female and it wasn’t long before Martine could hold a perfect standing position whilst being handled and checked by whoever approached her.

At the age of 2yrs old, Martine went on   to  qualify  for and come second in her class at Crufts.  We look forward to seeing how she does at future shows.


Gallahad another of Sue’s wolfies was showing signs of poor breathing, he was petrified of traveling and would refuse to get into her van to get to the vets for a much needed lung scan. With lots of daily practice, Sue and I worked at making her vehicle a comfortable place for Galahad to be. In a relatively short time Sue was able to get Gallahad to the vets to get a very reassuring scan and the right medication to enable him to return to good health.

Such good health in fact he and Martine went on to produce 11 puppies 6 months later. Of course, those puppies Sue kept started coming to the social classes as soon as they were old enough and with the he same confidence Martine gained, are winning open shows and earning their own place at Crufts.