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Vets & their Pets


Many vets and veterinary nurses, from all practises in the area, train with me and personally recommend me to clients based on their experience.  Here are some you may recognize…

Caitlin and Maximus (Newfoundland) -
Swayne and Partners Veterinary Surgery

Finding conventional indoor classes frustrating, with trainers and other participants finding Maximus's puppy energy both intimidating and hard to control it soon became clear Caitlin needed to find a more understanding class.

“I found out Sara had taught Great Danes and Irish Wolfhound puppies around other dogs and with her classes being held outside, I knew Maximus’s size and energy was not going to be a problem and already felt more relaxed in her company”. Having learnt the basics of how best to walk him, calm him, relax and socialise him alongside all breeds of other dogs we are now joining the Wolfhound Puppies in show ring practice with Sara and will keep you posted as to how we progress in the show community”.


Kitty and Frank (Standard Daschaund) -
Ardmore Veterinary Surgery

Kitty joined puppy class, having been recommended by other members of Ardmore staff. Frank surpassed all expectations in every task completing puppy foundation training with ease.

“We enjoyed Sara’s classes so much we didn’t want to stop. Being flexible in her approach to fulfilling dogs needs, Sara adapted the agility course to suit Franks breed and we have been coming weekly for more than 3 years. Franks loves it and it keeps him socialized with other dogs of all shapes and sizes”.