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Vets & their Pets Continued


Kerry and Lola (English Bulldog) -
Mulberry Veterinary Surgery

Kerry was called out to see Lola,  who had only been used for breeding, and had hemorrhaged badly. Knowing Lola was no longer wanted by her current owners, Kerry  took her home. Lola had no social skills with people or dogs.  She would launch herself at visitors to the house, jump all over the furniture and knock Kerry's tiny 4 year old daughter Charlotte over. Lola would lunge to try and get to other dogs in the street which was intimidating for them and their owners and with another baby on the way Kerry really wanted to get things under control.

An initial visit to Kerry's home established some rules and boundaries for Lola and how these were to be practiced, so over time, she would learn to be calmer. 


We introduced Lola to a social class where she could continue to be around other dogs on a regular basis. After an initial 12 months Lola not only showed great ability to be calm around other dogs, she gradually got the  agility bug and enjoyed running round with Charlotte who's squeals only added to the fun for everyone watching. Kerry adds “Walking Lola is now a pleasure and she is no longer the problem dog to watch out for in our village”!       


Francis and Firkin (Border Terrier) -
Ardmore Veterinary Surgery

Francis initially brought Firkin to a one to one session to improve her recall skills. Just one walk with tips and techniques that matched Firkins age, breed and personality gave Francis the tools to get Firkin through the juvenile stage and allowed her to mature into an adult dog with excellent recall skills and focus. “ I enjoyed working with Sara and her fun approach to training so enrolled into a weekly agility class. This complimented the focus training and I watched Firkin progress from a dog who could not get her nose off the ground to one who loves being told which way to go next, which also helps when were out on our own walks”.



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