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Aggressive or Unsocialised


Commonly, on-going aggression is learnt behaviour used as a form of defence, this behaviour can transfer to other areas such as dogs, people, traffic, food bowl, car, bed, sofa, garden.........

What can you do: 

I would always advise your first point of call, when the origin of the agression is not known, is your vet to check that there are no underlying illnesses causing your dogs behaviour.  If given the all clear, call me to discuss how your dog can be assessed for suitability for a "Socialisation Plan".

A typical plan will include being coached through weekly sessions,  teaching you how to focus your dog, teach them patience and calm and set them up for success.  At relevant points, the trigger for the behaviour will be introduced for desensitisation sessions. The behaviour should be addressed where it happens, in your home or on your walks. I use a team of wellbalanced dogs and confident people, whatever is needed to help you practise your new behaviour management training. 






Tommy and Billy 5yrs old chased dogs, people, bikes
You wouldn't know it now!

Oscar the 7yr old JR 
a rescue, unsocial with other dogs. His plan resulted with him being far more relaxed











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