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Bella - Border Collie 18 months old

We were new to owning a dog and had no idea of how to go about training Bella to be obedient, keep her busy, and help her be a happy dog. Sara gave us advice and guidance and devised a plan for us to follow when different situations arose. This was really useful, as we quite often forgot what we were supposed to do!

She did several one-to-one sessions to build our confidence to let Bella off the lead, and make us realise that Bella will come back to us and took much anxiety out of this situation. She also brought her own dog along, Chalkie, so Bella got used to walking with other dogs.

We cannot thank Sara enough for advice and training she gave us, we now have a happy dog; who is kept busy, is a pleasure to be with and is obedient (most of the time). Sara, with her advice and guidance made this a much easier process.

Derek and  Linda