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Chester - German Shepherd 16 months old


It was becoming impossible for me to walk Chester because of the pulling and the continual chasing after other dogs, never being able to get him to come back. I had almost stopped taking him out on my own as he was just too strong and undisciplined for me to handle.

On more than one occasion he pulled me over and one time through a hedge. The biggest real fear I faced, was if another dog was on the other side of the road, that he would pull me and him under an on-coming car. At the same time as this we had to take him to the vets, Chester was in pain and decided that he would not be touched or handled in any way by the vet. Around this time I had been recommended Sara.

Right from the outset Sara set boundaries for Chester. She observed how he rushed to meet visitors far too enthusiastically. Within a short space of time she had him in a relaxed position so that we could talk.




Sara devised a plan which revolved around suitable, nutritious treats to facilitate and enhance his obedience. I can honestly recount that within two weeks of Sara working with Chester we had a different, yet the same dog in our home. He was calmer, reacted to commands, seemed happier and more in control of his own behaviour. He really is happier—he knows the boundaries. In a short space of time I have regained my confidence in walking Chester on lead, his pulling is reduced to a minimum, I no longer fear that he will drag me into the road or to a pushchair, elderly persons or for that matter another dog. Sara has accompanied us to the vets with Chester and has devised a long term strategy to aid him to overcome his fear, this is a work in progress but having good results. 

She has provided us with concise and knowledgeable advice on diet, grooming and health which has resulted in Chester looking altogether more handsome than he was.

In nine weeks our dog has stopped digging, stopped trying to escape out the back gate, walks to heel, ignores guests until invited to say hello and has stopped jumping up at people. He also now respects household items and has stopped all chewing. Sara tailors her training plan to suit your dog and your family or individual circumstances. She provides complete technical and practical advice. 

Overall, Sara has provided me and my family with the tools to use, training Chester with maximum effect. We now have a well balanced young German Shepherd who has manners, understands what is expected of him, enjoys his walks and has stopped trying to dominate situations. He also attends weekly agility for fun classes provided by Sara, which gives him a further outlet for his physical energy, enhances his dog socialisation and stimulates his mental reasoning.

I cannot praise her highly enough.

Thank you Sara

Sue, Peter, Robyn and Mark Harries