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Floyd - Labrador, 5 years old


When we first got Floyd as a rescue dog, he was a very timid chap. After a few days he wouldn’t leave my side. Very touching at first but something was obviously not quite right. He would sit at my feet everywhere I went, to the point of me tripping over him on many ocassions. Leaving him in the house on his own was out of the question. For the first few months he never made a noise. Not a single bark. But then he started barking at absoloutely everything. That’s where Sara came in.

On her first visit she suggested we gave Floyd “his place”. A folded towel in front of the TV – two yards or so from my feet. It took a few days, but he soon realised that it was alright to be that far away from me. Nothing bad was going to happen to him. 

As far as leaving him is concerned this has progressed well. We worked up to a couple of hours relatively quickly, and on our return he is slowly getting better at not going completely bonkers, (technical term). As Sara said, ignore him until he calms down, then make a fuss. The barking has also decreased dramatically. He still barks a couple of times when someone comes to the front door, but that’s a huge improvement.

He is also thoroughly enjoying the weekly agility classes up at the farm. He comes home tired and has a couple of hours sleep.  All in all, the improvement in his behaviour, and more importantly his happiness, is fantastic. 

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sara to anyone with dog behaviour issues. But in truth, I think we’ve learned more than Floyd has. As she said, it’s about being able to see things from the dog’s point of view.

Thanks again Sara,

Dave and Angie, (& Floyd), Watts.