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Puppy Classes

From the very first lesson you will learn how best to communicate with your puppy and see what they are already capable of. Understand why they pick up unwanted behaviour quickly like barking, digging, pulling on the lead, jumping up, and biting (just some of the regulars) and how to avoid it or recitfy it all effectively.

You will learn new things each week, shown how to make it work with your dog and get a chance to practise it, with distractions such as cyclists, children playing and other dogs off lead.

You will learn about body language, health and law and progress to junior obedience if you wish to continue training as they grow up.

Often owners say their adult dog is obedient indoors but not outside.

The benefit of training your puppy here is they learn to respond to you, regardless of outside distractions, from the very start.

Classes cater for all and have included owners aged 8 to 80 with spectators both younger and older! All the family are welcome to learn together. Those with disabilities or special needs are very welcome most types of wheelchairs and motorscooters can be accomodated. I offer free advice if your thinking about getting a puppy which covers the best breeds to suit your lifestyle, what to check for when choosing your puppy and its initial home training needs.